5 Best Ways To Cooled Down your Android Phone[Easy Guide]

If you really get annoyed with hot Android CPU running or battery or in some cases unwanted applications running in the background. Then you should look for the best cooling apps for android phones.
These apps cool down your android phone and stop all unwanted applications running in the background. But make sure you download these cooling apps from a genuine website likely Google Playstore.
Factors causing battery heating or increasing the CPU temperature level could be due to a hot environment or maybe your OS or application has some bugs which could be fixed by timely upgrading the android applications.
Moreover, the fact is that running too much android application takes a load of battery, which not only increases the temperature but also affects the battery life of the android phone.
Whatever be the problems? The essential thing as you feel your android phone is heating up, simply install a cooling app for android from Google Playstore which reduces the temperature level of CPU and battery.
We've provided you with the top 5 best awesome cooling apps for android 2020.
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CPU Cooler - Phone Cleaner Booster

It quickly cools down your phone with one click. It's a very user-friendly app and easy to use too. Not like other apps they usually take the space and do nothing.

Main Function: (CPU Cooler - Phone Cleaner Booster)

  • We could monitor the real-time phone temperature.
  • We could clean junk files and save the storage of our phones.
  • It makes our phone run faster with the help of the Speed Booster.
  • It also removed the duplicated photos or screenshots you want to choose.
  • It manages your phones, keeps backups, uninstalls the application (with your permission), and cleans the data.
  • App's Features:-

  • User-friendly cooler app: cool your phone in just two taps.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • Boost your phone and make your phone run faster.
  • Clean the junk files and save your storage.
  • Remove all duplicate photos or files (with your permission) and save your storage.
  • Cool Down your phone when your phone is overheating in just one click.
  • Cooling Master: Phone Cooler(Fast CPU Cooler)

    Cooling Master is a totally free application available in Google Playstore that cools down your Android phones in 1 click. It is a very professional temperature monitoring application that reduces the temperature, lower and cools down the usages of CPU, GPU, and RAM.
    Auto CPU cooler master controls and overcomes the overheat operations of apps and the high-temperature problem of android phones, lower down phone CPU temperature.
    CPU Cooler automatically detects heavy files or any folders and closed them when it is not in use which lowers down the phone temperature and makes your phone run faster and smoother.
    The device cooler works in a perfect manner. This smart device cooler boosts up the RAM usage and provides real-time temperature maintaining and protection for Android phones. It lowers down the temperature by the help of a master cooling feature.
    Cooling master cools the CPU with a smart cooling algorithm that works more effectively and reduces the CPU usage and gives long battery life.
    It is a multitasking cooler app for android phones. It works as a smart cooling master, CPU cooling master and automatically cools down the phone when needed.
    Now, this multitasking application keeps your phone performance smooth and optimum with smart cooling features. Let’s see it more deeply

    App’s Features:

  • Real-time temperature monitoring: You can monitor time to time when the temperature is too high it alert you for one tap to cool down.
  • Dynamic overheating Detection: It dynamically analyzes overheating apps and this detection process is full automatically with advances in temperature detection technology which never missed any overheating apps.
  • One Tap to Cool Down: It allows you to close the overheating apps with one tap feature which easily in one second reduces the CPU usage and cools down the android phones. Ignore List added: Apps added in ignore list to prevent the cooler process. Features like power-saving mode, battery cooler help in accurately measures the status of you phone and cool down your phone and battery cooler.
  • WiFi Booster: The WiFi boosts the internet connectively and as a result, it provides the phone with more strong and stable WiFi signals.

    Phone Cool Down - Cooling Master and CPU Cooler

    This cooling master comes with a battery cooler that optimizes your system and cools down the battery temperature. It’s not enough as it also speeds up the android phone.
    It comes with the smart RAM and CPU cooler master which cool down the CPU and RAM usage. This cooling application scan the CPU to RAM to find out the cause of the overheating phone and gain more energy conservation.
    Cooling Master is a CPU temperature monitor that provides processor booster, processor cooler, and battery percentage app. It also controls the overheat operations of apps that overheating the CPU, to reduce CPU utilization and cool down your phone.
    Phone Cool Down help cooling master phone cooler in real-time, control, and detection of heat application device which quickly shut down the resources to help the phone come back to the normal temperature. Not only the cooling device software support battery-saving coolers and fast battery charger that helps charger the battery faster than normal.

    App's Main Features:

  • One tap to cool down: Cooldown phone overheats immediately and make your phone cool and avoid battery overheating problems.
  • Battery Saver: It saves battery power but enabling ultra-power saving mode
  • Junk cleaner: It cleans all the junk and duplicates data and eased the cache memory. Ram Usage & Running Processes: It free-up the RAM memory and all unwanted background running applications. If you don't want to see your phone always overheated then download the CPU Cooler now.

    Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master (Speed Booster)

    Alpha cooler helps in cooling the phone and controls the detection of overheating applications and quickly cools down and helps the phone to come back to the normal temperature. It also saves battery consumption by stopping the unwanted application running in the background(which you don’t need). This cooler app for android has a very beautiful design with very useful features that give the user-pleasant experiences which reduce the CPU temperature when the system is overheated. You can play games without the worry about any heating issues or surf the Internet or watch online videos with 0% disturbances. If your phone temperature rises, it alerts you and it helps to reduce the temperature of the cooler down your phone.

    App’s Main Features

  • Tracking & Monitoring equipment: It monitors and displays on the phone screen at your convenience. Alert you when the temperature is too high and cool down your phone
  • Detecting Overheating Apps: It automatically detects overheating and runs with a special algorithm. It monitors and views the application and scans all the data and detects the causing heating issue.
  • One tap to cool down: Close the application which causes the heating issue with just one button and your device cools down very easily.b Warning phone overheating: It alerts you when your phone is overheating and cools it down and your Phone app will notify Cooler Master CPU Cooler to automated cooler battery, best cooler master pro. If you don't want to see your phone always overheated then download the CPU Cooler now

    Fancy Booster-Cleaner, Antivirus & Speed-up

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