How to unblock someone on Facebook- 5 Easy Steps


How to unblock someone on Facebook

As you all on social media like Facebook, you definitely come across very irritating people. Luckily Facebook gives an option to blocked someone on Facebook.

This means they can't see your posts or your timelines, tags which you used neither they can't join your events nor your groups. but whatsoever reason your mind changed.

May be your problems get sort out and you both became great friends. Then after a period, you want to unblock him and you didn't know how to. Here we will discuss how to unblock someone on Facebook with 5 easy steps.

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To unblock someone on Facebook Follow these steps:-

  1. Go to Then log in to your account.
  2. On the top right-side corner click on it.
  3. A dialog box appeared. Click on the Settings.
  4. Left-side panel click on blocking.
  5. Scroll down to Block users.
  6. You will find a list of all people whom you blocked.
  7. Choose the correct people and then click unblock.
  8. Click confirm.

If get confirmed that they learned the lesson then you can unblock them and get them out from their mischief. Here I explained more deeply with images that how can you unblock someone on Facebook on PC.

How to unblock someone on Facebook (For PC)

If you're used web version Facebook and didn't know to unblocked someone on Facebook then follows these steps.

First, open from the browser and then log in to your face account.

How to unblock someone on Facebook (For PC)

On the other, on the top-left column, you can see the Blocking option under privacy. Click Blocking.

How to unblock someone on Facebook (For PC)

Then look over Block Users under Manage blocking write the friend's username or Email ID.

How to unblock someone on Facebook (For PC)

Of course, you can unblock the person you want to but the question arises about different platforms like Android and iOS. What is the correct method to do that? Check out this:



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